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Diversity Dynamics offers individualized consultation on Cultual Competency, fair housing, equal opportunity, civil rights and other diversity related issues and challenges. Our initial "needs assessment" consultation results in an identification of specific areas of Cultural Competency, fair housing, equal opportunity and civil rights vulnerability. Based on those areas of vulnerability, specific interventions are developed.

Interventions may include:

Executive coaching

Policy analysis and development

Business process analysis and redesign

The development of individualized and solution focussed training, including

knowledge enhancement

skills development

capacity building

Diversity Dynamics provides a series of seminars covering all aspects of Cultural Competence and Diversity, fair housing legal requirements and standards, including Fair Housing Essentials for Apartment Owners, Managers and Staff; Fair Housing Essentials for Public and Assisted Housing Providers; Diversity and Conflict Management in Public and Private Housing; Fair Housing Compliance for Persons with Disabilities; Design & Construction Requirements for Multi Family Housing; and other organization and audiencespecificseminars to meet your needs. "Click" on the partial listing of seminars on the right side of thispage.

Diversity and Cultural Competence in Organizations:

Custom designed training tailored to your organization's specific needs. At a minimun, each session willexaminecultural bias, cross cultural conflict, and organizational dynamicsand changes that facilitate cultural competence and inclusion

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Fair Housing Essentials and Managing Diversity for Apartment Owners, Managers and Staff:

This Diversity Dynamicsseminar provides essential knowledge of the Fair Housing Act and related laws.The seminarexamines basic requirements foroperating and managing housing in compliance with Fair Housing laws, including issues related to familial status and persons with disabilities. The seminar reviews the fair housing investigation process and standards for determining violations of the law. Seminar participants will learn how to identify areas of Fair Housing Act vulnerability and to develope strategies to remedy the identifed vulnerabilities. Thiscomprehensive seminar is essential for owners, management and all staff involved in residential housing transactions or services. The seminar uses case studies, exercises and other learning approaches.

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Design & Construction, Reasonable Accommodation and Reasonable Modification Requirements:

Diversity Dynamics will develop organizational and audience specific orientation and training seminars on all aspects of Fair Housing Act Design & Construction, Reasonable Accommodations and Reasonable Modification Requirements. Seminars can also include an examination of the synergy between The Fair Housing Act, Section 504, the ADA and other accessibility laws and requirements. These dynamic, interactive and fast paced seminars examine vulnerability and risk assessment and discuss strategies to rermedy identifiedvulnerabilities and risks. This is a foundational seminar for multi family housing professionals.

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